The Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO6 High Quality Media Configuration

Quantum is one of its particular protections through advanced info oversight and the best pro in data back-up. Quantum Linear Tape Open media format is not equally false for leading and little companies and enterprises with over million customers all over the world faithfully sure Quantum products that are special. Quantum LTO gives an entire alternative for their precious and significant info by conserving and protecting with endurance and attention. Quantum is continuing reducing the precious price that is needed for storage operations and keeping substantial info more, and linking the demands of current and future as well offering exceptional security. Quantum reputable LTO generations already established for storage surroundings and quite challenging back-up as a best option. Every new generation of Quantum dazzling LTO Ultrium cartridge improved with quickest speed higher capacities and reliable data protection. These attributes further enriched the efficient function of the magnetic tape in supplying data that was long lasting preservation, archiving and skills to entire disaster restoration.

The sixth generation HP LTO 6 cassette, of a fresh improvement in quality line of LTO media formats, is founded on the most complex mix of top quality developments and technologies offering huge capacity and transfer speed with increased dependability to significant and precious information and farther gives a way to turn your organization and enterprise more progressive. Metal particle choice and top quality coating created a foundation picture which capable to get more recording density increased data track half inch broad and 846M long on 2176 compare to 1280 in LTO5 cassette span.. The MR L6MQN 01 cassette, supplying special 25TB native and 625TB compressed data storage capacity.

The premium quality operation is achievable through a built in non contact 16KB memory chip (LTO-CM) which definitely given to exceptional development in high speed use of the required information of Quantum MR-L6MQN-01, during data load and unload procedure with Ultrium 6 tape drives and automatic libraries. The Memory chip communicates using library and a drive for trusted use of the precise places and also maintains the record of the most crucial use history of cartridge.

The Brand New Quantum LTO 6 cassette, “High quality media format Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO6 enhanced with high capacity and amazing functionality and offering better protection for precious information. ” rose with double capacity and transfer rate as well 160MB/Sec native and 400MB/ Second compressed which is 43 percent enhanced over the past generation of LTO5 media format. The huge capacity and offer better back-up and storage purpose in a variety of storage surroundings and most rapid data transfer speed with best and most dependable security enhanced general performance. Quantum has not merely enhanced automatic libraries which offering quickest ever working qualities and dependability of precious and really significant info but also tape drives and the cartridge.

The IBM holds double partitioning LTO 6 00V7590 cassette and LTFS system making the storage process more efficient having a reliable treatment for protection and trusted preservation. The sixth generation of this reliable LTO Ultrium cartridge was improved with high class 16KB memory chip which quicken the access speed to desired information and helps drive to discover info on exact place. The IBM LTO6 00V7590 the most innovative and dependable media format which offers enormous capacity, speed that is protected and quicker as well good quality data preservation.

The cassettes that are LTO6, enables their precious information to be archived by customers through more guarantee, Quantum offers better alternatives for retention and outstanding oversight of information over long lasting time of interval. The excellently designed and made with top quality stuff is more dependable and long-lasting shown that Quantum LTO 6 cartridge and continues to be optimized through exceptional consistency in a number of data storage settings for best long term performance and enormous capacity.